Plantersville, TX     October 22 - 23, 2016

The Bilge Pumps crashed TRF for the first Pirates Adventure Weekend in years that had nice weather! As a result all our show at the Sea Devil Tavern were full of rowdy nautical types looking to have fun. In particular, the Saturday night Pub Sing with our brethren the Pride of Bedlam was more full of people than anyone can ever remember the tavern being. We had a nice time in nice weather in front of nice fans. Nice, eh?

The Bilge Pumps take over the Sea Devil stage, and, as usual, take the time to try and kill John Crow the Cook.

Crow gets down to receive his "blessings" from Harvey the Corpsman

The musical portion of the show kicks in. Who knew the Bilge Pumps had that?

John Crow spends most of the sets trying to get people to buy him a beer.

The band cranks out "Isn't it Grand" and encourages the Sea Devil patrons to raise their mugs. Didn't take much encouragement.

Harvey gathers up the cream of the crop to dance with him on "Johnny Jump Up".

This is right before Splice the Rigger and Jack the Rum Runner break into a can can.

Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat takes over the foredeck of the stage to crank out his solo on "Old Dun Cow".

Maroon tops him by bringing up Capt. Drake from the Pride of Bedlam to help him wail out "Fat Bottom Girls".

Sharkbait busts out on "The Night Pat Murphy Died".

The smoke emerges from the stage during Saturday's end of day Pub Sing.

The crowds on Pirate's Weekend would not be denied entry for the Pub Sing. That meant they all had to fit in.

Elizabeth the Stowaway, Natty the Navigator, and Fanny the Flagmaker go out on the town... with no boys around.

Jack the Rum Runner does his best to keep the songs together while the rest of the band goes crazy.

Look how sweet and innocent Splice is trying to convince the audience he is. Yeah, right, buddy. No one's swallowing that story.

Jack tries to catch that fly that's been bugging him the whole show.

Harvey has gathered up some pirate women to do the vertical hula with on "Isle of Tortuga".

The band spreads out along the entire deck to get some room to manspread.

Maroon uses the whole stage to get melodramatic on "The Dark Lady".

Harvey has gathered up some more "volunteers" to do the Harvey Dance with.

Maroon moves to the foredeck to do some rumbling... on his drum.

Jack and Maroon are all serious-like. Must be a new song.

The Pride of Bedlam steal Maroon's daughter and places her onstage... ensuring she won't come home.

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