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Song: Johnny Jump Up Track: 2
Album: The Idiodyssey Length: 4:38
Artist: The Bilge Pumps File Size: 9.15 MB
Composer: Traditional Cost: $0.99
Rumor has it that this song was written by Tim Jordan of Co. Cork, Ireland in the 1940s. The story behind the song was his friend was a landlord of a pub and he asked Tim to write a song about cider and to sing it in his bar to try to increase the sale of cider in his pub.
After putting this song on 2 previously not-so-successful albums, we're determined that the third time's the charm.

Lead vocals: Craig Lutke, Doumbek: Craig Lutke, Tan Tan: Craig Lutke & Nathan Campbell: Tambourine: David Ruffin

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