The Bilge Pumps are a pirate music group based in the Dallas/Ft, Worth area who specialize in performances that combine sea songs, shanties, and Celtic music with a huge dose of silly comedy.

Now that you're here, come aft and take hold of the wheel. Ye've made it this far, the steering is up to you.

We'll be headin' below decks ta take a nap.

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Aug 20
Pictures and video from out visit to the Texas Pirate Festival this year are now available on our Past Landings page.
Aug 19
The first single from our new Bail Money album is now here! Check out the official music video!
Jul 23
4 songs that didn't make the cut for our "Bail Money" CD have been made available for purchase from our Pirate Music Box!
Jul 08
We've set up a site for everyone to help us fund the manufacturing of our new "Bail Money" CD. Check it out!
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99¢ digital music downloads are available from our Pirate Music Box, including all of our albums (even the out of print ones) and previously unreleased songs.
CD's, DVD's, T-shirts, and more are available on our Treasure Island page.
CD Release Party
Grand Prairie, TX
Louisiana Ren Fest
Hammond, LA
Dickens on the Strand
Galveston, TX
Pirates on the Prairie IV
Grand Prairie, TX
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View the official music videos of the band as well as captured footage of the Bilge Pumps in action
"Bail Money" album
Current State: Off for replication
New Studio Album
Current State: 4 songs recorded
Dirty Sea Shanties EP
Current State: 4 songs selected
For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at
Copyright © Ibidis Mortem Productions

Listen to some clips of tracks from our album
The Idiodyssey
Released October 15, 2012
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2 Johnny Jump Up  
9 Round the Horn  
12 Nancy Whiskey  
16 The Mermaid  
18 The Queen of All Argyll  


Our Bail Money album is set to be released on Sept 19th and we're offering very cool packages on our Bail Money Funding Package page where you can pre-order your copy of the album and choose from a variety of other things to get with your copy.

Update! We've reached our funding goal! Go crew! That means that everyone who has ordered (or will order) a funding package of $15.00 and up will be given a free Window Decal!

Now the pressure's really on. If we reach $1600.00, we will offer a MYSTERY ITEM to everyone who ordered a package of $15.00 and up. It could be a cassette, a ribbon magnet, a complete music collection flash drive, or even an old do-rag from Sharkbait's closet. It could be anything! Share the link with all your friends and help reach our new, higher goal, and get more swag!

Only -1 Days Left!
Deadline: Sept 1, 2014
Goal: $1400.00
Total Raised: $1641.00

Wanna get your copy of the new album? Wanna help out a poor, starving pirate band make it? Then click here and buy or share before time's up!

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