Jun 16
We're officially invited back to this year's Dickens on the Strand!

That means all the rain last year kept the Queen and the bobbies inside and they never saw all the soggy plundering we were doing to the trapped population.

Well, this year, we hope the weather is nice so we can be arrested properly, like real pirates.

May 15
The Bilge Pumps are coming back to Oklahoma twice in one year!

This time we'll be coming to the newest renaissance festival in the area and the country, the Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival, taking place on the first two weekends of September in north OKC.

OK, that's 2 weekends, so technically, we're coming to Oklahoma three times in one year.

If you want to be a part of this new event and get in on the ground floor of a festival, head to the link above and email Bob about what you can do for his show.

May 08
The Bilge Pumps will be celebrating the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales with a concert at the Alamo Draft House in Dallas on Friday, May 26th from 8-10.

We'll follow that up with a trip south to Houston for a show at the Railean Rum Distillery on Sat, May 27.

We'll finish up the 3-day trip with our first visit to the Stuttgarden Tavern in Galveston for a special night of piracy.

May 01
We're going back to California this August!

We'll be heading to Long Beach to perform at the Pirate's Cove on Sat, Aug 12, then our return to the San Diego Sea Shanty Festival will be the following day, Aug 13.

Get all the details on our Scheduled Voyages page.

Apr 28
Pictures and video from our visit to the Medieval Fair of Norman are now posted on our Past Landings page.

Check out the footage of multiple lineups and multiple weather conditions.

Apr 26
Looking for a deal are you? Then we have one for you! We call it the "April Sales Are Dead Deal".

The Deluxe mp3 version of our album "The Idiodyssey" is now on sale on our site for $6.99! That's 3 bucks cheaper than normal and it contains three more songs than the CD.

Go snag it while the month still exists. Robberators are standing by.

Apr 19
We've added three new gigs for 2017!

On Saturday, May 27th, we'll be in San Leon again performing at the Railean Distillery's Buccaneer Bar!

On September 23-24, we'll head back up to the state line for the Texarkana Renaissance Faire.

Lastly, we'll be making our usual fall road trips for the first 3 weekends of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival from November 4-19.

Mar 13
Pictures and video from our visit to Mardi Gras Galveston are up on our Past Landings.

Find out all the things that humans will do for .0005 cent plastic beads.

It's not pretty.

Mar 10
Our Press and Promotional page has been updated with new promo images, new promo video, new news articles about the band, and an updated Résumé
Mar 06
Pictures and lots of video from this year's Pirates on the Prairie VI are now up on our Past Landings page.

For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at

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