Feb 21
Pictures and videos of our visit to last year's Louisiana Renaissance Festival are now posted on our Past Landings page.

This includes the video from the Benefit Concert performing our rock-style songs.

Feb 17
Finally! Pictures from our excursion down to the Texas Renaissance Festival are now posted on our Past Landings page.

Go check 'em out!

Dec 19
The official page for Pirates on the Prairie VI is now up on our site.

Here you can get all the details about this awesome pirate concert in the heart of D/FW this winter.

Dec 12
Our newest music video is now up on our Pirate Picture Box!

It's "More Rum, Gloria!", the fourth music video from out album A Pirate's Christmas Wish.

Come join in the pirate Christmas hijinks with the Bilge Pumps.

Dec 11
OK, all you lovers of pirates and Christmas!

There are a handful of these Holiday Stocking Packs left over from the special we ran at Dickens this year since the rain prevented our usual sales and we're making them available on the site so you can fill up your Christmas season with beer! ... or cheer!

Go get one before they're gone and give yourself or a blood enemy something for the holiday!

Nov 28
It's Cybaaarrrr Monday!

To celebrate this most digital of traditions, all our CD's are 50% off on our Treasure Island!

Go get your booty today!

Nov 11
The Bilge Pumps will be performing at a Benefit Concert on Sat, Nov 12 at 6:30 at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival site.

We will be the first act on in the evening.

To check out the show online as it happens, be sure and visit https://www.concertwindow.com/pirateconcerts where you can see the show and donate to the cause!

Oct 18
It's taken Maroon many, many hours worth of labor, but the entire collection of video from the site is now converted to HTML5 for easy viewing through your browsers and phones.

Go to our Pirate Picture Box and check out the history of the Bilge Pumps set to moving pictures.

We've even added a search by year function to help you drill down to the exact video you aren't sure you're looking for.

Now drill, baby, drill!

Oct 11
Pictures and video from our brief appearance at the Taking the Stage 3 Fundraiser, as well as the TCC Talk Like a Pirate Day Party, and the Texarkana Ren Faire are now up for viewing on our Past Landings page.
Sep 30
Pictures and video from our appearances at the Texas Pirate Festival and the Messina Hof Winery for the TRF promo are now up on our Past Landings 2016 page!

For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at

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