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Ranzo Ray
(Traditional, altered lyrics by the Bilge Pumps)

We're bound for Mogadishu
With a load of soggy tissue
Ranzo, Ranzo, Ray, Ray
Let one go in Cape Catoling
And I think I blew my o-ring
Hi-lo, me Ranzo Ray

When I rounded old Cape Hatteras
Well, I rolled right off me matt-e-ress

In Rio de Janeiro
I stayed on the straight and narrow

I set sail for old Hoboken
With a big old bale for tokin'

I set sail for Cuyahoga
For to learn some tantric yoga

They want tail in old Cancun
So I took them a raccoon

Loved a girl in Birmingham
'Cause she always served one clam

I was in Cabo San Lucas
I was all stopped up with mucous

I set sail for dear ole' Dublin
Though me bowels, they were a bubblin'

We got chased out of Seattle
For unnatural acts with cattle

Couldn't hold out in Toronto
'Cause the ladies want it pronto

I'm bound for old Niagra
For I need some more Viagra

Sailed for girls down in New Haven
When some sushi I'm a cravin'

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