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2015 was the year that the Bilge Pumps will take on the problem of global warming by taking literally a fictitious tenant of Pastafarianism.

We began to reverse the trend of the earth's cooking in its own juices by increasing the number of pirates in the world!

We did it the only way we knew how and that was by performing at events all around the land and sea and using the power of music and irreverent humor to convert ordinary folk into swashbuckling seafarers!

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Pirates on the Prairie IV Mardi Gras Galveston Medieval Fair of Norman Benefit Concert Railean Rum Distillery TMCA Spring Fling
Piratepalooza 2015 Railean Rum Distillery Texarkana Ren Faire Texas Ren Festival Louisiana Ren Fest Dickens on the Strand
GP Farmers Market

For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at

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