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It was the year 2008, and the Bilge Pumps were prowling around the countryside, looking for places to steal booty and bury booty, depending on our mood. We returned to some of our usual haunts this year, so everyone had to be sure to check under their beds at night and make sure we weren't there playing with their dollies. We also found time to record and release our new Sail! Everything Must Go! DVD as well. The year also brought the loss of Phil McGroin the First Mate from the band.

We have coupled our desire to look at ourselves over and over again with the morbid desire of our fans to torture themselves by putting together the archive of footage below. Think of it as returning the the scene of the crime or picking that half-healed scab that never seems to get better.

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Lochrann's Irish Pub Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival Tipperary Inn University of Oklahoma Medieval Fair Lawton Renaissance Festival Pirate Days Kick-Off
Talk Like a Pirate Day Party Texas Renaissance Festival Dickens on the Strand

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