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The march of the pumps surged ahead in 2006 as we rolled from town to town looking for booty and a good stuffed-animal claw game. We set a band record with most performances in a year with 18 different gigs we performed at. 2006 also saw the loss of Blue the Lookout and the addition of his replacement, Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat. Couple those with the recording and release of a new album, "Broadside Buddies", and you had a whole lot of piracy going on.

Pretty soon we'll be knocking on your door, so click on the name of an event below and take a look at this footage from our exploits this year and then you'll know when not to answer it.

(Click on an event name below to see what happened when the Bilge Pumps landed there)

Scarlet's Mid-Winter Fest Mardi Gras Galveston Griff's St. Patrick's Day Festival OU Medieval Fair Great Plains Ren Fest Oklahoma Renaissance Faire
Lawton Renaissance Festival Movie Watching Party First Tee Pub Pirate Party Tipperary Inn Kansas City Renaissance Festival O'Malley's Pub
Talk Like a Pirate Day Party Houston Hot Sauce Festival Texas Renaissance Festival Louisiana Renaissance Festival Dickens on the Strand Scarlet's Renaissance Festival Shoppe

For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at

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