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2005 brought the Bilge Pumps a new member in John Crow the Cook, a goodbye to E the Bosun, and a run at Mardi Gras in New Orleans instead of our usual port of Galveston. It was a year of firsts as well as we performed at the first Talk Like a Pirate Day party and showed up at a couple of other first-time events as well.

Never let it be said that pirates don't leave a trail behind when they pillage & plunder. Enclosed in this archive are pictures and movies from The Bilge Pumps exploits in 2005 where we prove once again that there are much wierder hobbies you can be engaged in than eating pudding naked in front of your TV.

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Krewe of the Celts Tableau Scarlet's Mid-Winter Fest Mardi Gras in New Orleans OU Medieval Fair Oklahoma Renaissance Faire Pirate Picnic
Scarlet's Mid-Summer Fest Talk Like a Pirate Day Party Red River Renaissance Fantasy Faire Louisiana Renaissance Festival Dickens on the Strand

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