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Song: Ar Fa La La Yee-Ha! Track: 30
Album: Greatest Hits Vol. VIII Length: 1:51
Artist: The Bilge Pumps File Size: 3.45 MB
Composer: Traditional Cost: $0.99
This song is a "bonus" track on the "Greatest Hits Vol. VIII" CD and is a fun, junkyard-band takeoff of the song "Ar Fa La La Low" that was recorded on the Bilge Pumps' first CD "We Don't Know". It features a fun, country beat and a variety of instruments played by the band.

Lead Vocals: Patrick McAlister, Guitar: Patrick McAlister, Bass: Ed Cannon, Drums: Evan Cannon, Harmonica: Josh Steinberg, Jugeridu: Robert McDorman, Washboard: Craig Lutke, Jawharp: Mike Younger

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