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Song: The Derelict Track: 8
Album: Bail Money Length: 3:45
Artist: The Bilge Pumps File Size: 8.82 MB
Composer: Young Ewing Allison Cost: $0.99
Featuring the Pride of Bedlam and Traveller Song

Recorded live at Pirates on the Prairie II on August 12, 2012.

This famous pirate song was written by Allison as a poem and expands on the shanty written by Robert Louis Stevenson in the book "Treasure Island" which featured only a few lines. Later a melody was given to the Allison's poem for a Broadway version of "Treasure Island".

Lead vocals: David Ruffin, Craig Lutke & Dane Bennett, Jesse Maris; Guitar: Michael Pruitt; Djembe: Liz Quiroga; Bass: Jeremy Welch; Fiddle: Graham Shurtleff, Bones: Matt Young

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