Galveston, TX     February 26, 2017

Returning to the festival that dared hire us for our first gig 17 years ago, the Bilge Pumps were rewarded with a weekend of nice weather and appreciative crowds for our show on the Bud Light main stage for Mardi Gras Galveston's final day. We even participated in the Knights of Momus' Saturday night parade and threw out hundreds of pounds of beads to the plastic-starved street dwellers in the city.

The night time pirates are delivering goods for the parade instead of taking them. What's wrong with the world?

The Stilt Lady makes an appearance in the audience before the concert to test out her new Mother Nature costume.

Harvey the Corpsman takes on the time-honored tradition of keeping the audience entertained by throwing beads.

The Bilge Pumps banner is hung, just in front of the Bud Light banner. Theirs is bigger than ours, though.

Just to make sure, the skull and guns flies on the other side. Double the trouble.

Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat makes his first appearance at Mardi Gras in 4 years.

Jack the Rum Runner breaks out his special black pearl beads to lure in the bead hungry masses.

And here they come, their undead hands outstretched for plastic sustenance.

The parents send their kids to the front to get personal lessons on how to be a pirate.

Once the band starts the show, sometimes the audience stays around to watch.

John Crow the cook celebrates life... or a truly righteous bowel movement.

Jack is forced to listed to Harvey and Maroon the Shantyman wail in his ears during "Beer".

Harvey is consoled after one of his jokes doesn't get nearly the applause of someone chucking beads.

Maroon is so good at bass, he can play it while its strings are covered in beads!

John Crow appears to be using Splice the Rigger as a human shield from the audience.

Jack the Rum Runner breaks out his dreadlocks during "Banana Boat Pirates".

Jack feels the Maroon breeze blowing across his face during "Strike the Bell".

Meanwhile, the band attacks John Crow, trying to rob him of his ding dongs.

You know the show's going well, when spontaneous jazz hands break out on stage.

Fanny the Flagmaker and Natty the Navigator lock down the sales table and watch out for filthy damned pirates that are lurking about.

Little Billy is reduced down to a head by trusty ole' Rippy the Gator

You can tell when the Buffet is hitting the stage, because the parrotheads come out in force.

Sharkbait Simon breaks out his electric guitar to wail on some solos during "Yo Ho".

Splice appears to have sprained his rhyming organ during "Donkey Riding"

Now Harvey doesn't want to preach to you all. He just wants to teach you all how to donate to the Church of Piracy.


Please Don't Take Me Down
Checking to see how much pirate spirit the audience has in them
Uploaded: Mar 03 2017     720 X 400    04:03 min.    57.3 MB
Donkey Riding
The crowd takes it easy on the band this go-round
Uploaded: Mar 03 2017     720 X 400    05:22 min.    77.7 MB
Banana Boat Pirates
There are no one better than pirates to sing an anti-working song
Uploaded: Mar 03 2017     720 X 400    02:43 min.    39.4 MB
Farewell to Nova Scotia
This ode to leaving Canada seems backwards in these times
Uploaded: Mar 03 2017     720 X 400    03:07 min.    44.0 MB

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