Norman, OK     March 31 - April 2, 2017

The Bilge Pumps came back to the land of Crimson and Cream for our 18th appearance at the Medieval Fair and were greeted by Mother Nature's finest, "well, okay, but I'm still going to soak you down". Sure, we had a bit of rain on Saturday and steady light rain on Sunday, but the Bilge Pumps and the Oklahoma fans are made of non-melty stuff and we got together to make some awesome shows right there in a public park... and no one came to arrest us! Win-Win.

It's Friday at the Medieval Fair with Sharkbait and Harvey nowhere to be seen. That means the remaining 4 Pumps must do 1 1/2 times the pumping.

Maroon the Shantyman turns himself into a taiko dummer to match the SCA drummers located 50 ft away.

Jack the Rum Runner and Splice the Rigger dig through John Crow the Cook's pockets looking for bells and other contraband.

Maroon needs to get his drunk on for "Seven Drunken Nights", so the audience is happy to oblige.

Then Maroon steals Jack's flask and then uses him as a bar to pass out on during the song.

John Crow picks up an additional tip from the tiny pirates in the third row.

The tailwind blows hard into the faces of the unfortunate audience who get 3 senses assaulted during the show.

Sharkbait rolled in on the tide in time for the Friday night benefit concert. Time to practice.

The band snags a wandering plain-clothes headsman to help them sing out "The House of the Rising Sun".

The Saturday crowds came out early and in abundance to get their fun in before the rainstorm came.

Saturday's here, that means we lost Jack and gained a Harvey the Corpsman and a Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat.

Maroon tries to do some circular breathing on the didjeridu with a head cold. Much snot was on display.

Sharkbait and Splice decide to cheat and use the lyrics sheet during "Larry Marr".

Meanwhile, Harvey and Maroon get down and dirty and funky and gritty and about a dozen other dirty words.

Sharkbait refuses to dance during "The Gun Shanty", forcing Harvey to get all enticing.

Jack Sparrow does what all the rest of the band wants to do from time to time, beat John Crow about the head.

Once the rain came down, the band moved to the covered pavilion where the audience already was. Then stood in the rain some more.

It's Sunday morning, time for the patented No Request Show! Perfect way to welcome Jack back to the stage.

When it's time for the "Isle of Tortuga", John Crow and Harvey get themselves in the proper frame of mind.

The rain wouldn't let up, but it also never came down hard, so the band soldiered on, risking electrocution in the mics.

Harvey gets all preachy trying to pitch a revival tent and shepherd his flock into it.

Harvey tells everyone about dead wife number two... or was it dead wife number three... during "Excursion Around the Bay".

Jack is forced to get creative to keep his digital cheat sheet from getting wiped out in the rain.

Maroon hushes Harvey... and there was much rejoicing.

The band gets on board the branding trend by waving our own flags during "The Captain's Daughter".

As the chance of a CD sellout nears, the band is forced to perform "Pirating a Winter Wonderland" to move those Christmas CD's.

It worked! Fanny the Flagmaker sells the last CD in the treasure chest for her first sellout for the Bilge Pumps!

When the band spots Smee the Executioner, they yank him up onstage to perform one final "Donkey Riding".


Spanish Ladies (A Pirate's Tale)
Cranking out the unofficial song of Jaws, by request
Uploaded: Apr 28 2017     720 X 400    04:19 min.    61.7 MB
The Final Trawl
Fighting through Sunday's steady rain, bad mics, and bad guitars to perform this Archie Fisher song.
Uploaded: Apr 28 2017     720 X 400    04:26 min.    63.1 MB

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