Arlington, TX     September 19, 2016

September 19th, as it's been known since 2002, is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the Tarrant County College thought its Arlington campus needed a blast of piracy to help its student population get though a case of the Mondays. Add a stage, a sound system, some willing pirate organizers and an idiotic pirate band and a party is what you get! After all, it's never too late to get the next generation of pirates ready to take over so we can have someone clean up after our old asses.

Jack the Rum Runner hires Harvey the Corpsman to help him get his longline all tucked away for the show.

The bunting is all hung up for the holiday. Either that or the Pirates won the pennant!

The sign says it all.

Just before the mutiny starts, the 4-man version of the Bilge Pumps begins the show.

The surprised students file in to check out the show in between their class schedules.

This is the first time people have watched from the balcony since our last stint at Folsom Prison.

It's pirate rap and dance time during Shiver My Timbers.

The crowd might have been rotating, but no one liked to sit in the front two rows. They must know that's the splash zone.

This is either the band doing Johnny Jump Up or when the mad scientist at the school finally turned off the gravity.

Harvey gathers up the most macho of men to do the Harvey dance during Cape Cod Girls.

Once we've burned off a bit of fat during the show, it's time to add it all back on!

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