San Leon, TX     Thu, December 1, 2016

The Bilge Pumps headed back south for our latest visit to the Railean Rum Distillery's Buccaneer Bar, this time for their Pirate Guild Night. The theme was Bad Pirate Santa and we made sure to supply all the bad pirates that Santa could handle for the night. We fired off a ton of pirate Christmas carols over the course of the evening and decked the halls with skulls and crossbones.

Harvey the Corpsman checks the audience's attention level between songs.

The Bilge Pumps get the crowd's violent lustfulness risen by singing "Black and Tans".

We would say Harvey is proud of his banana, but he hasn't seen it in years.

Belting out "Pirating a Winter Wonderland" only proves to everyone that the holidays are truly dead.

Splice the Rigger shows the band how to properly perform jazz hands.

The group joins with their hosts Monica and Kelly for one last pose of piratical putrescence.


More Rum, Gloria!
The fourth video from our album A Pirate's Christmas Wish. Shot with permission during at the Railean Rum Distillery in San Leon, TX. Starring: Nathan Campbell, Christopher Dallion, Ted Dossey, Fred Flores, Craig Lutke, David Ruffin, and Kelly Railean, along with many pirate-souled friends. Directed and Edited by: Craig Lutke Shot by: Craig Lutke
Uploaded: Dec 12 2016     1280 X 720    02:29 min.    60.0 MB

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