Texarkana, AR     September 24 - 25, 2016

The Bilge Pumps performed officially for the first time at the Texarkana Faire and we were determined to make sure we left it all on the fairgrounds. With sunny & 96 degree days, we were trying hard to get shade for ourselves and the patrons. Couldn't help our Jack the Rum Runner much, as he and Elizabeth the Stowaway doubling up their shows with A Pair of Pirates to ensure they were puddles of pirates by the end of the weekend. We had a nice time sharing the stage with some great acts and always dig making new friends and connecting to old ones.

It was a sunny, hot weekend in Texarkana, that meant what audience was there would only stay where there was shade.

That means the Bilge Pumps had to create their own shade to keep anyone around longer than 30 seconds.

Harvey the Corpsman gets a little too handsy with Splice the Rigger's rack on "Biddy McGrath".

Whoops! Doesn't matter, he's destined for the gallows anyway.

Harvey decides to emulate the deceased Splice and turns himself into a murdering old lady during "Weila Weila".

Splice, Harvey, and the Dread Pirate Rose march in the parade to lure people back to the stage.

Apparently Jack the Rum Runner in disguise has had enough and decides to draw his sword on the band.

Saturday's Pub Sing has Harvey and Splice arguing over how to work a didjeridu on "South Australia".

The band fires off some wish fulfillment during "Nancy Whiskey".

This is what a pirate looks like when he gets all dehydrated and mummified.

Maroon the Shantyman's hat is a tad off center. He's either trying to block the sun or he's smelling burnt almonds.

The Bilge Pumps break into one of their new original songs to the delight of the sunburnt audience.

The Bilge Pumps get lots of help on percussion and dance for the Sunday Pub Sing's "Johnny Jump Up".


Seven Bridges Road
Heatstroke boiled the brains and a touch of the harmonies out of the band's heads, but they'll never let that stop them.
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