Grand Prairie, TX     February 11, 2017

The 6th iteration of the Pirates on the Prairie concert turned out to be the most successful yet thanks to a great deal of hard work, some great sponsors, some great bands, and some bonus publicity. Joining the Bilge Pumps on stage were the Pride of Bedlam, coming back to the concert for the first time in 5 years. They were also joined by their frequent partners in grime, the Seadog Slam. This 3 hour show had all of the elements you'd want in a pirate concert, lots of drinking songs, lots of comedy, lots of new music, and a spirit of collaboration. It was fun for us all and we want to do it again, now!

The digital billboards around the city of Grand Prairie are advertising the best pirate show in North Texas!

The pirates in the area are drawn to the mesmerizing lights on the marquee.

John Crow the Cook and Harvey the Corpsman put on their "other" work clothes to get the risers set up for the stage.

Jack the Rum Runner mounts the lift to hang up the scrim for our secret actors to hide behind.

The last bit of glue is laid down to hold the quarterdeck stage together.

The Pride of Bedlam arrives and both bands get to rehearsing their 3rd set songs.

Rehearsal is done, so time to clog up those vocal chords with Mexican food and egg rolls.

Due to technical problems, most of the pre-show was spent doing this, wandering about, trying to get the sound checks going.

Stef the Ship's Baker came up with another fantastic bakery creation to make the show official.

Finally, show time has arrived and the Pride of Bedlam is all ready to take the stage by storm.

Keelhaul Kate, Wishbone Ginger, and Admiral Drake have to laugh at one of Broadside's jokes.

It's time to sing "Spanish Ladies"! Are you on the side of "heave" or "ho"?

Keelhaul Kate gets all slinky cranking out the fiddling that glues the songs together.

The Pride of Bedlam embrace their girl power

During the first intermission, the audience gathers around as free stuff is given away.

Intermission is over, time for the Bilge Pumps to begin their set.

Splice the Rigger and Harvey have to hold up the recently deceased John Crow during "The Night Pat Murphy Died".

John Crow fixes his deadeyes on the unsuspecting front row of the show.

Keelhaul and Wishbone come back out to dance with Harvey during "The Isle of Tortuga"

With the help of some tiny actors, the sad story of "Rippy the Gator" is told to the audience.

Maroon the Shantyman volunteers to get good and tipsy to sing "Seven Drunken Nights".

Maroon and Sharkbait Simon lean in to see the next song on Jack's digital set list

The Bilge Pumps get all dramatic during their original song "The Osprey".

The band falls to their knees with no desire to get up during "Johnny Jump Up".

Harvey gathers up some Pumpettes to dance in the aisles.

It's Uncle Maroon's story time on "Old Dun Cow".

The band breaks out their alt-hats for their "In the Navy" tribute the to Village People.

Jack breaks out his large cake slicer for his share of that sweet, sweet treasure.


Into the Mystic
The bands combine to perform a Van Morrison classic
Uploaded: Mar 01 2017     1280 X 720    03:44 min.    92.6 MB
High Barbary
Both bands combine to do a dark version of this nautical folk song
Uploaded: Mar 01 2017     1280 X 720    03:18 min.    81.5 MB
The Pride of Bedlam cranks out an Alestorm song about that nastiest of punishments
Uploaded: Mar 01 2017     720 X 400    02:58 min.    43.5 MB
The Isle of Tortuga
The band gets some Bedlam help to dance with on this original song
Uploaded: Mar 01 2017     1280 X 720    03:47 min.    91.8 MB
Rippy the Gator
Performing the Arrogant Worms classic with the help of some shadow puppets
Uploaded: Mar 01 2017     1280 X 720    02:54 min.    70.1 MB
The Dark Lady
The Bilge Pumps perform Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa's beloved song with the help of the Not Ready to Pump Players
Uploaded: Mar 01 2017     1280 X 720    05:39 min.    138.1 MB

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