Hammond, LA     November 5 - 20, 2016

The Bilge Pumps headed back into cajun country for their 15th year at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival for its first three weekends. We broke in a new stage, the Pair O' Docks (Paradox) Pub, doing our best to leave a nasty pirate stain on it that made the Lords of Adventure's sword-fighting show that much more difficult. We even participated in a Benefit Concert on the second Sat of the festival, cranking out a ton of the bonus track material from our albums and even got Haggis Rampant involved with some bagpipes and rock combos!

The promise of a new backdrop to the new Paradox Pub stage never materialized, so the band was forced to cobble together their own.

The band gets together with Steve from Haggis Rampant to work through their surprise song for the 2nd weekend benefit concert (see below)

Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat gets a leg full of Harvey the Corpsman during "The Gun Shanty".

Harvey the Corpsman snags up some volunteers for "Sailor's Hornpipe", including one of the Whiskey Bay Rovers.

Meanwhile, the musicians do their best to try and not look at all the dancing.

The owner's wife, Amy, joins Harvey on stage to bust out renditions of songs from Hamilton and Wicked during "Old Dun Cow".

The band sings about all the foul winds that rise up at the end of the weekend during "Privy Wind".

Maroon the Shantyman shows everyone the first step to surviving in a pirate band.

John Crow the Cook goes down low, looking for a way to keep Harvey from doing whatever Harvey does.

Maroon metaphorically sprays the audience with blood in lieu of having to actually do it for real.

That look is what happens when the notes you expect aren't the notes you hear.

Maroon eases his poor ears from the powerful dighys being wielded on stage during "Strike the Bell".

Somebody shouted "MacIntyre"!

Now this is an invitation that few of our fans can resist... to heave to.

The band abandons Maroon to do his damned hard city name rhyme by himself on "Donkey Riding".

Ah, there's nothing like that strangely large Sunday morning crowd in Louisiana.

Maroon and the Jack the Rum Runner try to figure out what happened to all the tips he collected in that deep hat.

Jack practices his surfing technique right before he leaps into the audience to try to crowd surf.

The band takes a break in the lanes to grab some lunch between sets.

Harvey digs up some willing Pumpettes to grace the stage for "Johnny Jump Up".

Before the show begins, the pre-show must begin, and before that, the pre-pre-show games.

Splice the Rigger joins the band on stage for the final weekend to lend much-needed vocal balance.

Splice and Harvey acts like Statler and Waldorf, criticising Maroon's singing during "Paddy Lay Back".

Now that the audience has received their pun-ishment from the band, the time must fit the crime.

During Uncle Maroon's story time, Jack fires up "The Time Warp", which all of the band is compelled to perform with him.


Barroom Blitz
Telling the story of Billy Bones' encounter with Blind Pew in Treasure Island during the Benefit Concert.
Uploaded: Feb 21 2017     720 X 400    03:37 min.    51.3 MB
Buccaneer City
Singing our version of the Bowie classic for the Benefit Concert.
Uploaded: Feb 21 2017     720 X 400    02:28 min.    34.9 MB
The Pirate Blues
Harvey the Corpsman busts out another of our hidden bonus tracks for the Benefit Concert.
Uploaded: Feb 21 2017     720 X 400    02:30 min.    35.3 MB
It's a Long Way to the Top
Bringing in Steve from Haggis Rampant to help liven up an AC/DC classic. Had to overcome Maroon's shot voice and some sound issues.
Uploaded: Feb 21 2017     720 X 400    03:37 min.    67.0 MB

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