Galveston, TX     January 31, 2016

The Bilge Pumps returned to the venue we began at in 2000 as we rolled into the (other) land of Jean Laffite to headline the family Sunday of Mardi Gras Galveston. We spent the weekend on the island tossing beads out in the two parades on Saturday and performing the afternoon show on the Budweiser Main Stage on Sunday. Between getting our 30,000 steps in for the day and tossing a metric ton of beads out to the masses that apparently would perish without them, we got a full workout.

The pirate crew gathers to chuck beads during the Saturday afternoon parade.

Maroon the Shantyman and his best gal Natty the Navigator are fully loaded with cheap Chinese swag.

This was right before the crowds pressed in hard to the dinghy's side to get a touch of Jack's black pearls.

The skull and guns flies over the Bud Stage. It's time to start the show!

Jack the Rum Runner takes a moment to make sure everyone in the audience knows his job on the ship.

The band sings the somber original song "One More, on a Dead Man's Chest".

Harvey the Corpsman sings "Black & Tans" while Maroon goes drum crazy.

Splice the Rigger whips the audience into a frenzy by pretending he's going to throw beads to them.

With our shiny new banner in place, there was no doubt who we were when people looked back at their pictures.

One of the balcony crews gets a shot of the Bilge Pumps on stage.

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