Grand Prairie, TX     January 23, 2016

For the fifth iteration of the Pirates on the Prairie Concert series, the Bilge Pumps continued to bring in different talent by showcasing their friends from Norman, OK, the Rum Fellows and the duo Dr Harmonious Scott and Prof. Whatever. Combine that with the versification of the Seadog Slam and everyone was hit square in the face with entertainment. After 2 sets of great music from the opening acts, the Bilge Pumps came on and added our own batch of irreverence to the proceedings and ended our own set with our tribute to Bowie and with our own Jack the Rum Runner proposing to his better half, Elizabeth the Stowaway! Then we even did one more set with all 13 band members on stage at the same time cranking out some goodies as each band picked out two songs for all the groups to perform together. It was a great night. Bet you wish you were there!

The digital billboards around the city are advertising the best pirate show in North Texas!

Jack the Rum Runner and Harvey the Corpsman join in the radio promotion of the show.

All three bands get together and do a super-fast rehearsal of the final set.

Fanny the Flagmaker has the merch booth locked down tight.

Tempest the Stormwatcher and Natty the Navigator have the will-call booth shipshape.

The Seadog Slam's Blackbead emcee's the night and introduces the bands.

Dr. Harmonious Scott and Prof. Whatever take the stage and give the audience a proper breaking-in.

The dollop of comedy and whallop of music of this duo started the night out right.

Bring on the Rum Fellows from Norman, OK. They're landlocked Okie Pirates that plunder the waters of the Red River.

They might have been a couple of members and instruments short of normal, but they were fully entertaining.

In between sets, Natty gets her caricature done.

While everyone's distracted in the lobby, the Bilge Pumps try to get in one more sound check before their set.

The guitars are all polished and spit-shined for the show.

Five short seconds now to remember Charlie Mops...

Maroon the Shantyman and Splice the Rigger form the funkiest rhythm section this side of the Trinity... and just this side of the other side of the Trinity.

Come and listen, it's time for "Johnny Jump Up"!

Maroon is only doing what everyone who listens to the show wants to do

Harvey starts the process of gathering up cities for "Donkey Riding"

To honor the passing of David Bowie, the band breaks into "Buccaneer City".

Rock on, me hearties. Rock on!

Jack the Rum Runner fires off a suprise proposal to Elizabeth the Stowaway

The boy scout in him wouldn't allow him to come unprepared.

Is that a yes? It is!

Married lesson #1. Never take a drink from John Crow the Cook.

The fun wasn't over yet, as all of the bands got together for a fun final set.

6 new songs from 3 bands that haven't performed together before? Who thought of this?

Pirates on the Prairie is never over until the amazing cake of the night from Stef the Baker has been revealed!

Seriously. Check this thing out. It's the story of the Bilge Pumps marooned on an island. Jack and Splice look on while Sharkbait get eaten by... uh... sharks.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Maroon try to figure out how to get home.

Meanwhile John Crow does... whatever Crow does.

Splice the Rigger and his doppleganger

Maroon and Mini-Maroon

Jack holds his little Jack gently

Harvey the Corpsman and his younger self.

John Crow's action figure is eerily accurate.


Stand By Me / Proposal
Jack the Rum Runner goes all out on his surprise proposal to Elizabeth the Stowaway
Uploaded: Mar 03 2016     1280 X 720    03:53 min.    96.7 MB
Ar Fa La La Yee-Ha!
The Bilge Pumps, the Rum Fellows, Dr. Harmonious Scott and Prof. Whatever all combined on this bonus junkyard song.
Uploaded: Mar 03 2016     1280 X 720    02:18 min.    57.3 MB
Privy Wind
The Bilge Pumps sing a song about one of the troubling aspects of the faire.
Uploaded: Mar 03 2016     1280 X 720    02:54 min.    70.8 MB
St. Anne's Reel
The Rum Fellows give their take on this classic tune.
Uploaded: Mar 03 2016     720 X 400    02:07 min.    31.5 MB
The Irish Ballad
Dr. Harmonious Scott and Prof. Whatever fire off a comic folk tale.
Uploaded: Mar 03 2016     720 X 400    02:44 min.    39.8 MB

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