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Complete Music Collection Flash Drive
Introducing the Bilge Pumps Music Flash Drive, featuring the complete collection of Bilge Pumps music packed onto a sleek, black, reusable 2GB USB flash drive that will make you the envy of your shipmates. This drive contains the songs and skits from all 7 Bilge Pumps albums,"Bail Money", "The Idiodyssey", "A Pirate's Christmas Wish", "Broadside Buddies", "Brigands with Big'uns", "Greatest Hits Vol. VIII", and "We Don't Know". It also contains a full complement of unreleased songs (including some from our forthcoming album!), demo recordings from 1999, and radio commercials. All-in-all, there are over 195 songs and skits available on the drive! There are also digital booklets for the albums with all the liner notes available on the CD's.

All songs are in MP3 format, compressed at 256 kbps (better than CD quality), and each file comes fully ID3 tagged with album art, lyrics, song info, and more. To top it off, all of our official music videos are included on the drive as well!

We are also offering more incentive to buy for those fans of ours who already own most (if not all) of our music. Anyone who brings one of these flash drives to us at a show can have any Bilge Pumps album they want downloaded to it for only $5.00. That not only includes our previous albums, but any new album we release in the future! Now that's a bargain!

Don't miss your chance to own the musical history of the Bilge Pumps as well as the opportunity to get in on the future at a discount.

For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at

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