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Wop Jamboree

The pilot he looked out ahead
The hands on the chain and the heavin' of the lead
And the old man roared to wake the dead
Come and get your ropes me son

Wop Jamboree, wop jamboree
Oh a long-tailed sailor man comin' up behind
Wop Jamboree, wop jamboree
Come an' get your ropes me son

Soon we'll reach the lizzard light
Soon, me boys, we'll heave into sight
Soon we'll be abreast of the Isle of Wight
Come and get your ropes me son

Now when we get to the black wall docks
Those pretty young girls come out in flocks
With short-legged drawers and long-tailed frocks
Come and get your ropes me son

Well, when we walk down Limelight Way
On all the girls will spend our pay
We'll not see more 'til another day
Come and get your ropes me son

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