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Round the Horn
(David Ruffin & Craig Lutke)

A frozen deck, you break your neck
Just one slip and we're a wreck

Yes, we'd be great in Magellan's strait
San Francisco needs our freight

Now with eye forlorn, our skin is torn
Today we're sailin' 'round the horn

Ain't seen my rack, feel the willowaws smack
Hear the timber 'neath my feet go crack

My clothes are ice, just roll the dice
Doubt we'll survive the weather's vice

To our captain sworn, but the spirit's worn
Only fools go sailin' 'round the horn

Face a howling gail, even stout hearts fail
Unfurl those rags that once was sail

Now thirty days as each man prays
It don't matter how much she pays

No one will mourn, sure as you're born
No, the Devil's not sailin' 'round the horn
No, the Devil's not sailin' 'round the horn<

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