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Roll the Woodpile Down

Way down south where the cocks do crow
'Way down in Florida
The gals all dance to the old banjo
And we'll roll the woodpile down!

Rollin'! Rollin'! Rollin' the whole world 'round
That brown girl o' mine's down the Georgia Line
And we'll roll the woodpile down!

When I was a young man in me prime
I'd take them pretty gals two at a time.

We'll roll him high and we'll roll him low
We'll heave him up and away we'll go.

Oh rouse and bust 'er is the cry
Oh, a sailor's wage is never high.

O Curly goes on the old ran-tan
O Curly's just a down-east man.

O one more heave and that will do
We're the bullies for to kick 'er through.

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