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The Ballad of Sam and Marie
(David Ruffin & Christopher Dallion)

There´s a tale that is told
By sea-farin´ men bold
A tale as old as the sea
Of that terrible sound
When the Wydah went down
And drown´d Black Sam Bellamy

He was young, dark and bold
And his eyes sparkled gold
When he saw her there under that tree
So he told her his story
Of his quest for great glory
And it touched the heart of Marie

She was barely fifteen
And was fair as a queen
Oh, for sure she captured his eye
So they tarried a while
´Til Marie was with child
Then Sam sailed their fortune to find


He was southerly bound
Where Spain´s treasure went down
In a storm that ravaged the sea
But no gold could he take
So his fortune to make
Sam turned them to vile piracy

For two years and more
On high seas and shore
Black Sam, his plunder did take
´Til the Wydah he spied
And to make her his prize
He pursued three days in her wake


Now Sam stands at the rail
´Neath the billowing sail
Of the Wydah, that slaver set free
And he sailed for Cape Cod
A free man, by God
A prince, and he dreamed of Marie

But a great gale blew down
The good ship ran aground
And her crew was cast in the drink
Black Sam paid the toll
And the sea took his soul
And his gold in the sand it did sink


Then high over the gale
There went up a wail
Lost souls in a terrible groan
But the sound heard above
Was the one from Sam´s love
As she saw his corpse there on the stone

Now she walks every day
In the sand by the bay
And she watches each ship on the tide
For the people all say
How she went mad that day
When she found her sweet pirate had died


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