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The Pump Shanty
(Tony Goodenough, altered lyrics by The Bilge Pumps)

The ocean we all do adore
So come on lads let's pump some more
Don't worry if you're stiff and sore
I'm sure we've pumped this bit before.

Pump, me boys, pump her dry
Down to Hell, and up to the sky
Bend your backs and break your bones
We´re just a thousand miles from home.

They say life has its ups and downs
That really now is quite profound
I'd like to push the capstan round
But it's pump me boys before we drown.

The sailor swinging overhead
Must really think he´s one ahead
Wait ´til I find him in his bed
There´s many ways to make him dead

The Bosun´s whistle is a pain
He drives the crew damn near insane
We´ll stuff him in the scupper drain
And beat him with his whips and chains

I really like the First Mate´s whore
She opens and closes like a door
She´ll roll you ´til you´re stiff and sore
Then back on board to ask for more

I wish the Cabin Boy was here
I´ll give that boy a new career
I´ll tie him to this handle here
Then off to shore and find some beer

The captain is a drunken fool
His wits are limp just like his tool
I´d like to whack him with a rule
Just like we did in catholic school

This is the perfect job to think
I really now could use a drink
Maybe a daiquiri that´s pink
But if we stop the ship will sink.

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