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Please Don't Take Me Down
(David Ruffin & Christopher Dallion)

Oh, no, please don't take me down
Oh, no, please don't take me down
I can't swim, I don't wanna drown
And I got a little girl in Portsmouth town

I went out sailing on the rollin' sea
A darker day ya never did see
Ole' Davey Jones comes walking next to me
Said "Boy, I'm takin' you down"

He said, "You've been a pirate nearly all your life,
Broke your momma's heart with sin and strife,
Killed a lotta men with your big long knife,
So, boy, I'm takin' you down"

I said, "I'm a different man, I've changed my ways,
I don't give myself to the devil's sway
I promised that girl I'd be back one day,
So please don't ya take me down"

Well, Ole' Davey Jones looks high above
Circlin' in the sky is one white dove
Says, "You've been saved by that woman's love
So I'm not takin' you down"

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