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Here's to the Morning Glory

At the end of the day I like a little drink to raise up me voice and sing
And an hour or two of the fine brown brew and I'm ready for anything.
At the Cross Keys Inn there were sisters four, the landlord's daughters fair.
And every night when they'd turn out the light, I would tiptoe up the stairs

One for the Morning Glory, two for the early dew
Three for the man that can stand his ground.
And four for the love of you me girls,
Four for the love of you.

I got the call from a foreign shore to go and fight the foe
And I thought no more of the sisters four, though still I was sad to go
I sailed away on a ship, the Morning Glory was her name
And we'd all fall down when the rum went 'round, then we'd get up and start again, singin'

I bore once more for my native shore, farewell to the ragin' sea
And the Cross Keys Inn, it was beconin' and my heart was filled with glee
For there on the shore were the sisters four with a bundle upon each knee
There were three young girls and a bouncing boy and the all looked just like me

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