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Blow Ye Winds
(Traditional, alternate lyrics by David Ruffin)

I heard it said down Kingston way
And off in old Rio
There´s money and fightin´ to be had
If a-piratin´ ye go

Blow ye winds in the mornin´
Blow ye winds, Hi-Ho
Clear away our running gear
And blow ye winds, Hi-Ho

We´ll load our guns with cannonballs
Our sails we´ll load with rum
And sure we´ll take a galleon
Before the week is done

The captain´s on the quarterdeck
The Bosun´s at the rail
Be careful where you step, me lads
I fear he´s missed the pail

The Cabin Boy is down below
And probably on his knees
The Gunner´s eatin´ lard and cheese
And helping with the breeze

The Surgeon´s got his saw in hand
And everybody hides
I know he´s drunk up all the rum
We should have left him tied

You see the Lookout´s way up top
And scratchin´ in his pants
I fear that swabbie´s got the crabs
I think it was in France

When we get home, our ship made fast
You´ll find us drinkin´ rum
And chasin´ wenches ´round the bar
I´d like to catch me one

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