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A-F G-O P-Z Christmas
Roll Him Back
(David Ruffin/Nathan Campbell/Christopher Dallion)

The wind was light. The sea was calm
The sun was shining bright
As I was walking down the beach
I saw a sick'nin' sight
There it laid, a draped in moss
As big as a baby whale
A manatee had washed ashore
I gave a mighty wail

Roll him back, boys. Roll him back.
Hoist him up, heave away, grab a jack
I'll not let another die
Left on the beach, its skin to fry
It's tough for a manatee, says I
So roll, roll him back

Me mates did up and start to run
They shared the beastie's pain
Out of the water, it had no chance
To take to the sea again
Each grabs a fin and starts to heave
It made an awful groan
The more we heaved, the more it fought
It weighed near twenty stone

It wouldn't budge. It wouldn't roll.
Its flippers splayed out wide
And though we saw it looked quite strange
We'd soon be losing tide
When all at once, the sand did quake
That manatee did rise
And screamed out loud in the captain's voice
"Unhand me arms and thighs!"

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