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A-F G-O P-Z Christmas
One More on a Dead Man's Chest
(David Ruffin/Craig Lutke/Rich Eberlen)

The sea was black, the wind was ice
But I was bathed in sweat
The cannon roared, the bodies fell
The enemy well met
The Spanish bastard had the guns
But we, our passion's fire
The cries of dead and dying men
Sang like the Devil's choir

The salty air, it called my name. My life would never be the same
I left the land ne'er to look back beneath a flag of black

Oh, I sail the seas on bloody waves
Ride winds that never end
Eternity before the mast
With pride I bear my sin
I cast my lot with a pyrate crew
With brethren lay my rest
My soul belongs to Davey Jones
And I've got no regrets
No, I've got no regrets

I went to sea at seventeen
For fortune and for fame
I set my sights on a pyrate's life
My hunger knew no shame
So many souls had met their doom
Upon my flashing blade
Chests of gold and jewels rare
There in my hold were laid


Then a flash of fire, a piercing pain
I felt the pistols sting
No more I'd taste the salty air
Or hear the riggin' sing
But a soul that's sold to pyracy
Can never have its rest
So I sail through Hell forevermore
One more, on a Dead Man's Chest (X3)

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