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A-F G-O P-Z Christmas
Lucky Pierre
(Craig Lutke/David Ruffin/Fred Flores)

One day on deck I was heaving salami
Our ship it was hit by a great big tsunami
I washed ashore in the arms of a whore
If you don't believe me then go ask your mommy
Oh, Lucky Pierre

Our ships in a fight, with cannonballs flying
I'm down on my knees, no I'm not lying
Took a swig of me rum and fired me bum
Now both sides have started a weeping and crying
Oh, Lucky Pierre

I'm Lucky Pierre, I've been everywhere
In every port I've a sweetheart
To each I stay true for an hour or two
Until our ship calls and I depart

The lad was the best Cabin Boy ever found
In his company kindness sure would abound
He'd ne'er do enough, even liked finger cuffs
And he's always thankful for a reach around
Oh, Lucky Pierre

A ship's on our larboard, she's shaped like a stump
A wave hits her side with a staggering thump
The girls that are on it lean over and vomit
Now what they all need is a good old Bilge Pump
Oh, Lucky Pierre


In old Californy we met us a swinger
She had a strange quirk that I could not finger
We sailed straight away when she wanted to play
That's how we discovered the San Jose Slinger
Oh, Lucky Pierre

I've been a pirate since the day I was born
And most wenches show me nothing but scorn
But sailing this ship, their bodices rip
'Cause I'm making port on the HMS Fist Horn
Oh, Lucky Pierre


Lost in the doldrums with no breeze we'd known
When our quiet was broke by a great big ole groan
We jumped to the fight, but there in the light
T'was naught but the Cook with a rusty trombone
Oh, Lucky Pierre

There's a sail up ahead our lookout he says
It's that evil old pirate called Dirty Sanchez
His ship rots to ash from his reeking mustache
Once more I'm the filthiest pirate there is
Oh, Lucky Pierre


(Alt Chorus)
Yes, I'm Lucky Pierre, there's love in the air
And that's why I tell you I'm smiling
So join in the dance, and drop all your pants
'Cause all Seven Seas I'm defiling

Oh, Lucky Pierre
Oh, Lucky Pierre
Oh, Lucky Pierre

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