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The Mermaid

It was Friday morning as we set sail
And being not far from land
I there spied a mermaid a sitting on a rock
With a comb and a glass in her hand

The song she sang she sang so sweet
But no answer could us make
Until our gallant ship she took round about
Which made our poor hearts ache

Then up stepped the helmsman of our ship
In his hand a lead and line
All for to sound the seas me boys that is so wide and deep
But no hard rock or sand could he find

Then up stepped the captain of our ship
And a well spoken man was he
He said I have a wife me boys in fair Plymouth town
But tonight a widow she will be

Then up stepped the little cabin boy
And a pretty young lad was he
He says oh I grieve for my own mother dear
Whom I never more shall see

And the ocean waves do roll and roll
And the stormy winds do blow
And we poor sailors are clinging to the tops
While the land-lubbers lie down below

Three times around spun our gallant ship
Three times around spun she
Three times around, my boys, spun our gallant ship
And she sank to the bottom of the sea

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